Morgan Associates are one of Gloucestershire’s largest and longest-established Letting Agents, with more than 50 years’ experience in this field. As we are solely involved in the letting and management of residential properties we are able to specialise in meeting the particular needs of our Landlords and Tenants.
Morgan Associates are proud to have been a member of The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), the industry’s regulatory body, for well over twenty years. Members of ARLA have to comply with strict guidelines laid down which serve to protect tenants and owners and maintain a fair and professional level of service. One of the greatest benefits to tenants of renting through an agent affiliated to ARLA is that the deposit, which the tenant pays against any damage to the property, is secured by a Clients’ Funds Bonding Scheme. This means that no matter what happens to that company a tenant’s funds will be secure.

Decide which properties you wish to view, contact our letting department by phone (01242 514285) or email and we will make an appointment to show you around.

Our normal viewing hours are between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday and 9.00 am to 12.30 pm Saturday, but other appointments can be available by arrangement.

Once you have decided upon a property the next stage is to complete an application form and a credit reference form. We will ask for an employer’s reference (or an accountant’s reference for self-employed applicants), a bank reference, a previous landlord’s reference (if applicable) and a personal character reference.

The processing of the application usually takes about 4 - 5 working days, and it is therefore not normally possible to move into a property in less than a week from application.

In order to secure the property you will be asked to pay a reservation fee equivlaent to one weeks rent. If your application is successful this amount is then credited against your initial account. If the application is unsuccessful, the reservation fee is returned to you, less any administration fees incurred.

If you withdraw from the tenancy or knowingly misrepresent any information on the application form the whole of the fee is forfeited and retained by Morgan Associates to offset the expenses incurred in processing the application to this point.

Please note that we and the Landlord reserve the right to decline an application without having to give a reason.
On or before the start date of your tenancy, you will have to pay your initial account. We are unable to accept Personal Cheques or Credit Card payments. Payments are preferably be made by Bank Transfer and you will be provided with the details of where to transfer the funds. Alternatively you can pay by Personal Debit Card or Cash.
  • Balance of your deposit
  • Advance rental payment
Yes we do, if the landlord is agreeable. We require that each tenant receiving Housing Benefit provides us with a suitable guarantor, who will have to complete an application form with the same references as those required from a tenant i.e. employer, accountant if self-employed, bank reference and a personal character reference. Once these references have been verified the guarantor will have to sign a covenant which will form part of the Tenancy Agreement, agreeing to pay the rent and guarantee the terms of the tenancy agreement if the tenant fails to do so. We also require Housing Benefit payments to be made directly to the tenant concerned as we will not accept direct payments from the Department of Social Security.

Again, this is possible, with the permission of the landlord. We require a guarantor for each student as outlined for Housing Benefit recipients above.
Yes we do, although some properties, especially flats, may not be suitable for children. Permission from the landlord is required.
This depends on the individual property and the wishes of the landlord. If the landlord is prepared to accept pets we will require the tenant to have all the carpets professionally cleaned when the property is vacated. As a general rule pets are not allowed in flats.
Once the details on the application form, including references, have been checked and verified we then draw up a tenancy agreement. The tenancy does not necessarily have to commence at this point if the tenant does not wish to move in immediately, and we can usually hold a property for a short time. The tenant is responsible for all utilities and also for Council Tax and water rates.

On the day you move in to a property, you come to our office to sign the tenancy agreement, pay your account, collect keys and two copies of your inventory.

Having moved in, you have a period of one week in which to check the inventory and return one signed copy to our office. This is very important because when you leave the property it is checked against this amended inventory before the deposit can be returned. If a tenant does not return the inventory the property will be checked against our file copy.

Morgan Associates is not simply a letting agent. We also provide a comprehensive property management service. If any maintenance problems occur at one of our managed properties, the tenant simply rings our office and we will arrange for a contractor to attend as soon as possible, depending on the landlord’s instructions. In urgent cases our office number switches through to a 24-hour emergency line which can contact a contractor outside office hours.
A tenant usually has to take a property for a six-month minimum period. If they wish to vacate any time after the first five months of this initial period they need to give our office one month’s written notice to end on the anniversary date of the tenancy (i.e. if your tenancy started on the 10th of the month, your notice would need to end on the 10th of a month). If your landlord needs to regain possession of his/her property, you will be given at least two month’s written notice of this. If neither the tenant nor the landlord wishes to terminate the tenancy it will continue indefinitely subject to notice on either side.

Tenants of Morgan Associates managed properties have the reassurance of knowing that their deposits are fully protected by the Tenants Deposit Scheme which became law in England and Wales in April 2007.

Once you have vacated the property you need to return all keys to our office and provide us with a forwarding address, your final meter readings and confirmation that you have closed your utility accounts. Within a couple of days we will send an inspector to compare the current condition of the property to that of the original inventory (as agreed by you on moving in). Provided the condition of the property is unchanged (after allowing for fair wear and tear) and subject to the requirements of the Tenants Deposit Scheme, we then return your deposit. If any damage has been done to the property, or if the property has not been cleaned in accordance with the instructions sent to you when you give notice to leave the property, we will contact you to make arrangements for this to be rectified, before returning the remainder of the deposit to you. You may, if you wish, pre-arrange professional cleaning through us at the end of your tenancy.
When you enter into any rental agreement, it is conditional upon having adequate insurance cover and it is the same with renting a property. We can put you in touch with a reliable provider of Tenants Insurance if you do not have your own policy in place, but you should look for a policy which offers cover for your own possessions, PLUS cover for accidental damage to your landlord’s possessions to protect you in the event of permanent stains/damage to things like carpets.
We hope this information has been helpful. It obviously does not cover every aspect of renting a property but please call us on 01242 514285, or click here to email us with any queries which have not been answered here.